IRL Media Solutions - OBS Cloud Servers For IRL Streaming

• Video Live Streaming OBS Cloud Server Provider

• Let's Take Your Mobile IRL Streams To The Next Level With IMS OBS Server

• Twitch Streaming Server With Quality Cloud Based OBS SRT/SRTLA and RTMP Ingest Streams

• 100% Customizable With Overlays And Scenes

• Auto BRB Scene Switching

Android And iOS Compatible

About the OBS IRL Cloud Server

IMS - Our OBS IRL streaming servers are designed for the best quality IRL mobile streams possible.  Based on open source coding using various protocols such as; SRT/SRTLA/RTMP some of which provide error correction (FEC) with latency delay.  It is possible to use only 1 Sim Card (no bonding needed) in line with x265 codec technology to use low bitrates with equal quality of high bitrates which saves data and bandwidth.  We use one of the best tools available to IRL live streamers; NOALBS which has anti-disconnection protection so you don't lose your viewers while you have lost connection from your source device.  Since our servers use OBS in the cloud it allows you to use your own custom overlays on your stream, easily controlled from your Twitch chat.

Servers are running top of the line high end NVIDIA T40 48GB GPU's with Dual E5-2697v4 CPU's.

99.9% uptime and 1gbps connections

All Services Include

What we offer

Custom OBS Cloud Servers

Fully Customized OBS Cloud Servers, Choose Between Two Tiers

High End Performance 720p/1080p 60fps

High End Mobile/Backpack IRL Streams


Dual E5-2697v4 CPU's (36 core)

Unlimited Data (Server)



Unlimited Ingests

Unlimited Camera Feeds

No Setup Fee

Disconnection Protection

Chat Bot For Alerts and Commands

Fully Custom Overlays And Scenes (via Teamviewer)

Unlimited Bitrate

           $79.99 Including VAT per month


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